How Moringa Reduces Inflammation and Reduced Diabetes Symptoms

Although modern medicine has made some incredible advancements, chronic diseases still affect the lives of thousands of individuals. Things like inflammation and oxidative stress really take a toll on the body – causing anything from diabetes to cardiovascular problems. You may have heard the term inflammation a lot in various health articles, and for good reason. It’s the body’s natural response to stress. It’s good for us in moderation because it helps us identify when there’s something wrong, like when we catch a cold and get a sore throat. However, things as simple as stress and poor diet can lead to chronic, low-grade inflammation that’s destructive to the body over time.

How does inflammation form? What are the signs of inflammation?

Oxidative Stress

Inflammation can seem like a nebulous concept, and that’s mainly because it’s complex. Many think that inflammation is synonymous with pain – but pain is more like the result of inflammation. Inflammation, put simply, refers to the process of the body signaling cells and chemicals to a certain area to “fight” off an irritant. In the case of viruses and infections, inflammation signals immune cells to attack invading cells. The influx of cells can create soreness, pain, swelling, and fever. It can also destroy tissue. When inflammation is short-term, the loss of tissue is so miniscule that it doesn’t have a negative long-term impact. However, when inflammation is chronic, it slowly ruins the body.

In the case of acute inflammation, symptoms are obvious and typically go away within a few days to a week. However, chronic inflammation is a bit sneakier and can be caused by things like allergies, environmental pollutants, persistent psychological stress, poor gut health, lingering infections, and autoimmune disorders. The causes of chronic inflammation can often be difficult to pinpoint or avoid, and often there are multiple factors that cause it. The best way to safeguard against chronic inflammation is to have a diet rich in anti-inflammatory compounds.

Moringa is an effective plant-based anti-inflammatory, and it works like drugs such as aspirin. However, it’s safer than aspirin and other NSAIDs because it does not cause stomach ulcers. Moringa is also packed with plant-based nutrients that allow your gut flora to thrive – which in turn prevents chronic inflammation and diseases that come with it.


People suffering from chronic inflammation can either be afflicted with a weak immune system (those who frequently get sick) or an overactive immune system (those with autoimmune disorders). Moringa can help both types of people. It helps people with weak immune systems by providing them with essentials like vitamin C and healthy gut bacteria. It helps people with overactive immune systems by reducing inflammation that builds from “false alarm” immune responses.

How does Moringa Oleifera help reduce diabetes symptoms?

Diabetes is a disease that’s caused by dysfunction in the way the pancreas secretes insulin. In healthy individuals, the body can signal and synthesize enough insulin to properly regulate blood sugar. People with diabetes suffer from high levels of blood sugar and need to take insulin.

Regular exercise & Moringa

Thus, it’s no wonder that people associate all symptoms of diabetes with high blood sugar. However, recent research on diabetes has found that high blood sugar is not the only cause of diabetes complications. The chronic inflammation that accompanies diabetes can create kidney problems, strokes, and heart attacks even when blood glucose is maintained at a healthy level. Since Moringa is scientifically demonstrated to reduce inflammation, it may prevent complications for people who have diabetes.

Even more compelling, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that Moringa may be able to prevent diabetes from forming to begin with. One study conducted on lab rats found that moringa extract increases insulin signaling and decreases cholesterol in the blood. Another study found that not only does moringa regulate blood sugar, but it also improves kidney and pancreas health in diabetic rats.

Moringa contains chlorogenic acid and isothiocyanates, which help to reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. Researchers believe this is likely why Moringa is so effective for diabetic and prediabetic subjects.

What other diseases can Moringa help prevent?

Moringa is both a great source of anti-inflammatory compounds and bioavailable antioxidants. Bioavailable antioxidants are nutrients which can be readily absorbed by the body. They help absorb free radicals, which create oxidative stress when left unchecked. As a result, Moringa can prevent tissue and cell destruction. Taking Moringa every day may reduce your risk of developing:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Urinary tract infections & kidney infections
  • Neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Moringa is different than many other wellness supplements, because it can help prevent so many different health problems. We aren’t claiming Moringa is a miracle pill. However, just 2 capsules of Moringa per day can ensure that your body is nourished, allowing it to function optimally. Moringa contains over 90 phytonutrients and all essential amino acids, making it an easy way to meet your body’s basic needs.

How often should I take Moringa to treat diabetes symptoms?

Moringa is a safer alternative to NSAIDs and can be taken throughout the day, every day. It can be added to food, smoothies, or taken in capsules. If you’re taking capsules, it’s best to take 1-2 twice a day. If you’re using Moringa powder, we recommend adding one scoop to your breakfast. However, you can take it whenever you’re feeling symptoms of inflammation. Moringa offers an earthy taste similar to matcha green tea.

Whether you have a condition like diabetes or you’re just in search of a great preventative supplement – Moringa is great to add to your health regimen.

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